Final vacation for the year.
Time to make plans... Snorkeling in the Bahamas? Skiing in the Swiss Alps? a visit to the Grand Canyon? ..nope.
Write more code?... yep.

This final week of vacation of the year I need to wrap up piACC.
I have the current version/components working as expected in my vehicle and it is all working as expected.

(cue the sad music)
However, It is a bloated console version....

(cue the happy music)
I believe I have the minimal version completed so I will be replacing the existing hardware.
I would like to keep it to the 16G card with minimal OS.
I played some this week with tkinter to see if I could get rid of chrome as the interface, making it even more minimal.
All I need to do is finish up the min version and package it up, which should not take the entire week.

I also need to come up with a better 3D printed case for the hardware, so far I am not overly impressed with what I have.
It has to look cool as well as be functional, but I am sure I can come up with something.


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Third attempt on a 3.5 mini console print. It takes about an hour to print one so it is a slow process if it does not work.
Biggest problem so far is getting latches to hold the pi zero down so the screen is flat against the opening. Tomorrow is another day, I will try again. I think I have it alligned where it will work now.
Measure once, cut twice I always say.