The Perfect Gift

For Christmas, my boss surprised me again with an Amazon gift certificate... Awesome Boss!
To me, these are the perfect gift. I even noticed that as I browsed some Amazon products that it also noted "use your gift certificate" which I thought was excellent. How many times have you had a gift certificate, went somewhere and forgot to use it?
You can buy them at almost any store now, they are always the right size and it is something that nobody in their right mind would return.
For someone like me, I love to tinker with electronics, computers, Raspberry Pi's, laptops, and 3D printers. How awesome is it to know that I have some spare change laying around on a quick impulse buy! Well, time to hit Amazon and I will let you know what I get. I believe that some new Pi add-ons are in order. Maybe a new touch screen display for the one I accidentally dropped. So Shop On Good People!
How about a new computer? A new book? Another Raspberry Pi?