Closed Captioning

So, another journey on the road to enlightenment! It turns out that to be able to post my new Blender Basics tutorials on Amazon, each video must also include closed captioning for our non-audio friends. Albeit for me to complain, it is well worth the effort, but it will however create a bit of a delay on the simple upload process. I have however found a most excellent web based application which allows you to follow along with the video and add the subtitles. Here is a link I will probably end up paying for their application, it is quite nice once you get the hang of it. It is however challenging since I am quite new to this. I will however also consider closed captioning on my other you-tube videos since now I feel I have neglected part of my audience. My apologies! I believe I have about 10 minutes in on the first video on Blender commands, but I am slowly moving along. My biggest struggle is that I talk so much, it is hard to fit into the allowed characters per line. This in turn means... many lines. It will probably however help me to keep my content a little more too the point with less rambling. Once I have completed, I will post a link to the video here on


I recall seeing something on YT about captioning. This made me go back to my videos on YT and check them. They are already done! Though I know I complain about YT (on rare occasions), yet another stellar feature! They have already transcribed my videos in multiple languages using speech recognition, along with that bonus they have also added captions. Go YouTube. This does however mean that I will have to upload the video to YouTube and then download the transcript. It will be well worth it. To also note, I have also set up https forwarding on the site tonight. If by chance you get bounced on first entrance into the site, it is probably redirecting you to the secured (https) version of I have also limited some IP ranges due to continuous exploitation attempts. I do continuously monitor the traffic to the site and notice failed attempts. If by chance you or someone you know do get blocked I am sorry, but continuous attempts to circumvent security justifies that some IP ranges must be blocked. ttfn abow