Back to work!

Lately vacations have been the work around the house variety. This year was different. I traveled down to Florida to witness my daughter's wedding and it was incredible. I could get used to being surrounded by sand and surf for sure. Unfortunately, along with a few t-shirts I came home with a horrible respiratory infection/cold/flu/plague which I am still fighting off. This is the reason I have not posted anything in a few weeks. I am finally getting back into the swing of things and will start adding more content soon. There is only so much leisure time I can handle before going stir crazy. Locidoke on the road For my trip, I took locidoke for a test run and it appeared to fail miserably. My mom was using it on her tablet in watcher mode but said that she was not getting the updates on the map. The status was changing but the map was not changing position. This is a major issue which I will have to resolve. During testing I could not really drive out of state to see a significant change in position so I will have to do some testing with my kids from out of state. Since she was getting the status updates, I know she was successfully able to pull down the API feed, so I am not sure where the issue lies. Possibly I misunderstood the mapping part and it was pulling from her location or something. I was really surprised. This means that until I determine whether the problem is in the app or in the API I will not even try to post up the API source code, which I thought was ready to release. I will put updates on the status and once it is working i will post up some example php code.