About Werd

What is Werd?
Web Enabled Recognition Defense.. Are you for real?
Werd is a captcha'esque web page that generates random words with only one valid set (hopefully), the rest of the list items are a random set of 'randomly generated' set of characters and spaces.
For additional information and downloads visit http://247Coding.com

Werd code returns a random sized list, with random size and randomly spaced words (or character string sets), either randomly generated or selected
from random words in a random list of documents with valid words, returning a random sized list of "pseudo sentences" with only one of them with a set of
valid random actual words.
The very first string returned in the list is always the index of the "valid list item" in the list of "pseudo sentences".
All pretty darn 'randomy' ay?

What does it cost?
Free, zip, nadda... well maybe some of your time to implement it.
Money-wise, Werd costs nothing, but credit where credit is due
is appreciated. If you use werd, please provide a link to http://247coding.com/werd, it would be greatly appreciated
for our coding efforts.

What is a good list of docs to pull from?
I would say that any EULA would be a good start!! :)
The werd eula would be way too short, something juicy and long like from the likes of one of
the larger software companies.. no names please.
 Biblical text, technical documents, text books.  The docs just have to contain pure text.
There is a list in the code where you can set the file association types, but again, the valid
documents should be plain text documents.

In this example, it uses a mix of eulas, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independece as examples.

A bit more technical..
List<string> returns a list like [3] [zzz xxxyy 0] [xxxbogus zzzz One] [aaa bbb 2] [Valid list Of strings Three] [bbbb, nnnn ccc 4]
The first item in the list is always the valid index for the rest of the items.
In this example in red and the list index 3, so the valid choice would be list item "Valid list Of strings"

If the list item they select is 3, they picked a valid string of words.. if not, it reloads and they have to pick again
from a new set of random randoms.
Pretty simple, eh?

Not 100% fool proof... but may help stop a few fools  or bots.. :)

Here's the keys, take it for a test drive.
Default.aspx is the WerdGen landing page.
Default.cs is the WerdGen c# code behind.

To make it work:
Create a Create a folder and change the following (only) keys or add them to your web.config file
UserModulePath -disregard...