Fub Duck

So... Fub Duck showed up yesterday.
For me, there have only been rare occasions when a pre-release has not gone off as planned and had to be cancelled. Actually, now that I think about it, never. Maybe I am slipping... Arg
  • Fub 1: Prod DB Connection issues due to TLS. Arg
  • Fub 2: A missing component update somehow got excluded. Arg.

Luckily, thanks to a coworker of mine (at 0 minus 4 hours none the less) the missing component was discovered and Fub was stopped in his tracks. It was almost comical because earlier in the day as I was mentally reviewing the evening, it popped into my mind.. was db connectivity handled?
Well, it was handled, but with an ungodly message (left over from the uat testing phase where everything worked). In aspx, this was an easy fix to just hide the control so I was not overly concerned.. simply hide it, which I did for the time being. This one will not be an easy fix because it will involve updating the db server which is out of my control.

The missing component was not so easy and called for a mission abort. Arg.
Well, the rest of this week will be finding the control src and handling the error in a more appropriate way.
Fub you crazy bird.


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So the problem/failure was double decryption. Turns out I noticed a connection string that was not decrypting like the rest. Turnst out the web service method it was using was already decrypting the string. For consistency of the rest of the page, I decrypted it first and then removed the argument on the second method. Problem solved. Pub next week.