Fixing Joomla 500 errors - (Can't add or change menu items)


On initial installation of Joomla from the GoDaddy Plesk panel everything appeared fine. Post install I did notice a warning to update PHP to a newer version so I upgraded to the highest available from GoDaddy at the time.
You can find the PHP version on godaddy under hosting settings in the plesk panel for your site.

Select the latest version that they have installed.

As soon as I tried to add a menu item I would receive a 500 error from the server.
After hours of research I finally figured out that the cure for this was to make a change in the plesk php configuration.

This is where you will find the two php settings that solved the problem.
The first setting, which actually did not fix the problem was to set the open_basedir to docroot.
This may not be needed at all, but figured I would set it anyway.

The next setting for error_reporting is what fixed the problem.
Initially, I selected it from the dropdown menu and I was still receiving the errors.
It was not until I selected custom value and typed it in as shown (It is case sensitive!) E_All & ~E_Notice that it actually worked.
This means that the setting is case sensitive and the godaddy version of the string from the drop down is incorrect because it is in all caps.
Hope it helps.