QuickCPM Update

I have added upload capability to QuickCPM
This allows you to automatically upload both the QCPMbar.html and QCPMgauge.html files to a web server. (example in qcpm link)
Note that the index.html is now named QCPMBar.html!
I have included an iframe example in the link above which is running from my basement Pi.
Nothing fancy, it is simply doing ftp via ftplib which comes with Raspian.
It is also not secure so you will probably want to use something like SSH or sftp, this was just an experiment.

I have also not uploaded the updated version yet. I will need to make some modifications before I zip and upload the files.
The html page has an internal meta refresh and each page links to the other page for both bar and graph views.

!!NOTICE!! ftplib is not using secure FTP so PW is set clear text across the network!

There are a few new settings for ftp
ftpLimit=30 -- This is the cycle counter for uploads
workDir = r"/home/username/bin/quickcpm" -- Location of quickcpm so it knows where to upload from
ftpU="UPLOADUSER" -- Upload user account
ftpP="USERSECRETPW" -- Upload User PW
ftpHost="uploadsite.com" --Upload Host Name or IP