Past updates


Here are some of the older updates
  • 2018Apr08-Uploaded ftp version. You must set ftp variables in beginning of script or turn off ftpOn variable.
  • 2018Apr07-Added upload library. Allows upload to website. (above) Upload cycle variable, above set to upload every 90 cycles.
  • 2018Mar11-Updated gauges to use scripting over static html. Added bar/gauge button on each page to switch between the two.
  • 2018Mar10- I have added a new output file that is gauges only. The file is called simply gauges.html. It uses gauges.min.js file from which appears to be an awesome gauge set and fairly simple to set up. Image is below. This will come in handy for small devices like pi zero.
  • 2018Mar07-Updated to use a log dir. You must create the dir before using.. just /logs where you run the app from. I will do a dir create on the next update. I also updated the html output.
  • 2018Mar06-Added meta auto refresh index.html creation to display results. (see pic)
  • 2018Mar05-Changed date format in csv. Now registers temperature in seperate temp.csv file. Changed output to include peak monitor.
  • 2018Mar04- Added CRs to csv output.
    Csv file should be in correct format now.