Go Daddy Latency

So I have determined that working on any forum on godaddy is like walking through mud.
With big rubber boots.
You know the kind that constantly slide up and down and pull your socks off?
You know the kind that create a suction that continuously wants to pull the boot off?
Every step you hear the suction building up and your socks slide down.
It brings me back to the day of using the java based remote terminal to manage a server.
Click and wait, click and wait. You dreaded even opening the tool but it was a necessity if
you needed to fix something on the server such as a patch or bios update.

Every click I picture some old 286, 32bit pc choking it's little heart out trying to make the demands
of that single page control. Maybe they got a deal on a bunch of Commodor Vic 20's.

It could just be that I have just come to expect too much from a service provider.