April Showers

There are times when you can get coder burnout.
So many lines of code, so little time. Snow in April doesn't help to uplift the spirits any, it seems like winter just wants to hang around this year!
I think we went through all four seasons in four days. 80 degrees on Friday, rain all weekend and snow on Monday.
On The Workfront
At work, I was finally able to get the Jenkins job completed for automating black duck scans which is a plus. It turns out that one of the job lines had a trailing colon which was causing the upload path to fail. I also had to limit the processing machines because it was hit or miss on failures due to machines in the rotation having different configurations. Now that they are done, it is one less thing to worry about because they are scheduled to run.

I have finally finished up the initial configuration of the
forums. As mentioned in my previous post, it was not so much the configuration but the lack of horsepower on the database side.
This is one of the places where I continuously see failure in the "Everything on a VM" mentality. It is great when it works but all it takes is a few runaway machines to affect everyone else.
This is also what keeps me from converting 247Coding.com to the cloud.
It is a great concept and can be cost effective, but that is when everything is working as expected.
What happens when the rougue bots and bot nets come into play? You receive a bill.
This can turn an affordable site into a money chomping monster in a matter of seconds.
The service provider is not going to say, we are sorry that 80,000 connections from some internet cafe in Bangladesh was a fluke, they are going to say.. here is your bill.
At one point I thought that running my own servers were the answer, but after seeing an attack bring down a standalone server I quickly realized this was not the answer. If that would have been a hosting server in the cloud I could not imagine what the cost would have been. They basically destroyed the server.
Oh well, again, just my own perspective on things.
I could be wrong, I was once before.. I think it was back in 1985.
abow out.