Last week in April

The weekend flew by this week.
I was able to get a new forum section created for Blender.
Many of the videos that I do involve Blender for the simple reason that it can be confusing to use, but it is also an extremely versitile tool.
I cannot give enough credit to everyone involved with that application because it is extremely useful.

I will start adding links to some of my Blender tutorials in hopes that it can make the application easier for everyone to use it.
If you have not downloaded this free app, it is certainly worth having in your tool set.
This weeks video goes over how to create 2 layered 3d prints with a multi-extruder printer such as the PowerSpec Ultimate 3D printer.
The printer runs about $500 US and the spools are around $20, so it is quite affordable and well worth the investment.
My next project will including creating 3d printed flood lights for my Jeep to replace the existing ones. This way I can make them
much closer to the way I want them to be instead of just using what is available.

I will be linking up more videos in the forums and adding tips as I go through creating 3D meshes.
You can view all of my tutorials on if you don't wish to wait until I post them here.

Well, a new week has begun and time to start getting ready for work.
I have Friday off, so hopefully I will be able to get some new content up.