Here we go again..

The drama unfolds..
I flip on the tv and after about 10 minutes of straight commercials, I flip the Roku switch. I was pretty much series'd out, but figured that there may be something worth watching that I haven't seen yet on Netflix.
I am immediately presented with an FBI warning stating that something illegal is going on. What? I don't watch copyright infringed shows! (Well, not to my knowledge anyway). This immediately sparks an embarrasing personal fit of rage. Not totally unwarranted though. You see I bought my Visio flat screen tv's specifically because they offered an internal app for watching YouTube. You know the social format that is gradually elminating the necessity of watching commercial polluted tv on MSM and cable. These companies are slowly going the way of the dinosaur because they are slowly turning themselves into a sesspool of advertisements... watchable? I think not.
Shortly after purchasing the TVs, YouTube decides it is no longer going to support the app on Visio TVs. This was my first bought with rage, but I muddled through it. I quickly bought a few Chrome Cast units by the big G but both $75 units quickly ended up on a shelf. They were horrible and a waste of money.
In walks Roku. I was slightly intrigued by the little stick but figured I would pick one up and try it because my parents had mentioned that they may be interested in one. Out of a support necessity, I figured this would be a good purchase so that I would be able to answer their questions and I had finally found a gift I could give that the didn't already have! I was impressed with the product and it's ease of use. It also had a YouTube app that actually worked, so now it has become my go to source for binge watching.
Oops, back to the actual story...
The Netfix choice has been squashed so I figured I would watch YouTube.
FBI Warning... Enter stage left.... Thuffering Thuccetash!
Ok, so now both Netfix and YouTube are no longer supported by Roku??? WTF!!!
The TV goes off and I spend the rest of the night deciding how I will have to cancel all of those accounts, turn the flatscreen into unplugged black wall hangings in my house.
I spent the rest of the night watching old TV shows like All in the Family, which have fewer commercials and have shows that reflect back to my childhood. Shows with content that were created by people with actual talent!
This calms me down enought to forget about the kick in the sack of another provider who has removed the only reason I purchased their product.

Gladly, the following day I decided to search on the problem.
It turns out it was only a glitch in the Matrix! (Of which I had spent the previous weekend binging on the trilogy)
All of the articles I have found say that it was a one time event and that both programs have been restored.
Happy Days! AAAAAYYYYYYY.... :)