Worth the effort?

So I have been thinking through this and as my first real vacation starts I am starting to wonder if it is worth the time.
The list is long and time is short and the next thing you know it, vacation will be over.
To manage so many websites is just a wealth of my time and with no real profit from doing it it is questionable on whether or not it is worth continuing.

I have been reviewing youtube analytics and the top hits are on the golf cart videos, so should I just concentrate on more of those?
I have some ideas of some cool 3d printed items for the golf cart and thinking that they may be something that is worth making more videos on. Possibly a series of 3d printed add-ons for club cars.

I am also considering just selling the boat, the camper and the golf cart. I am really not getting any use out of them and if someone else can it would probably be better than letting them sit.

The past week was a pretty good week at work because I was able to close out quite a few projects, create some additional utilities and get caught up on some of the back-logged items I had in queue. The good thing is that it is never boring so the days seem to go by quite fast. A multitude of changes seem to keep things from ever stagnating.

I would really like to get back into game design for unreal but have not been able to find the time. The good part of that is that I am learning more in Blender on the modeling side so this will help for faster development once I do decide to go back into it. I am getting quite fast at being able to visualize something and then 3d model it to scale quite fast. Like with anything, the more you use it, the better and faster you get.

The casino has been less than fruitful so I doubt I will be spending much time there on my days off. It certainly has it's ups and downs and as of late, more downs than ups. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.
Hank Nap
Sunset the other night