Pulling Adsense Advertisements

So I believe today I have decided that I will be pulling adsense ads from all of my 18 websites.
Before youtube pulled monetization I was maybe getting $20/month in some add revenue. Not much but at least it was something.
Now that they have pulled monetization I make absolutely nothing. I did set up adsense ads, but they have yet to earn a nickel.
Possibly I am doing something wrong but I see no reason to allow them to profit from my sites.

Chances are, the sites do not create a high enough volumn of traffic, so why even allow them to promote businesses.

I would be open to allow exclusive advertising if someone would like to purchase some real estate on any of the 247coding.com or webmetoo.com websites.

I just don't think that at this point in time that adsense is the way to go for me.
The analytics are nice, but then again, I could probably just write my own and make them more specific.