Vacation officially over

So it turns out my last day of vacation was pretty much a pi day as well. With the passing of my father it has been a sad but hectic few weeks. I will miss him dearly.

I was however able to go through and set up three more drupal sites on my leftover pi3s.
Some of the updates I did I put up on the drupal section of the forums. I also turned my pi zero into a dedicated monitoring device for the gpmc320 radiation monitor, including passing it through a battery backup usb charger that I picked up a Micro Center.

A quick trip to the casino today turned out to be non-fruitful and a bit agrevating. It will probably be a while before I return.

A few loads of laundry, got the Jeep washed and the grass cut yesterday was about all I got done.
The heat was around 95 today so too hot to really do anything outside.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day first day back to work. I have received my PAWS workstation and peripherals so coding at work will probably be quite a bit more difficult or interesting to say the least. I was able to get all of my code scans in prior to vacation so at least I do not have that to worry about.

Scary part is that it won't be long before the snow flies and I have really not gotten everything done that I needed to do for summer. Next project will be a new cover for my shed. It is patiently waiting.

Below is a pic of one of the two pi's I have been using to play with Drupal and Wemo.