Playing with some site changes..

Now that I have a few extra drupal instances to play with there may be some site changes.
The problem with GD hosting is that it is painfully slow to make any changes. As I have mentioned in
some other posts that I believe it is their database sharing. Sites set up for open enrollment get totally owned
by bots which consume all of the db resources. I recall setting up my first WP site and within a few days it had
thousands of registrations and all of them were ficticous. Unless there is more control on mail registrations it is
unavoidable. I may play with openid or google reg but I am sure those as well have quite a few non-human users.

Now that I have a few local copies I can test out some additional modules or possibly write a few of my own.
Some of the changes will only be temporary because if they become problematic I will shut them down.

I actually do prefer drupal over wordpress. Though it appears a bit more technical to set up, I believe it offers more control options,
but then again I probably did not go through WP enough. Once you get the hang of it, drupal is a pretty good package.
There may also be a slowdown on content since summer is quickly flying by and I need to get busy getting me casa
preppared for winter. I have a feeling it is just around the bend and will be here before you know it.