Efficiency (or lack there of)

The old saying that time is money still holds true.
It really amazes me that the new direction appears to be "the more complex it is, the better it is".
Personally, I do not believe it is true and you probably really notice this more if you have been around the block a few times... which I have.
I have seen things go from simple and efficient to complex and sometimes downright painfully less efficient.
Many times it loops right back to the place where you started because it is realized that it is just taking way too long to do the same thing you used to do faster. Change for the sake of change usually means that chances are that things may have not been well thought out.
Granted, everything is running at a much faster pace then it ever has, but that does not mean that something that works has to be changed... only for the sake of change. Personally, I think windows may have done this. What was once a fairly well thought out, easy to use OS has become much less than that and really not intuitive to use.

My personal opinion is that if you change things for the better and the only one it appears to work for is you, then chances are it was maybe not a beneficial change. If it takes everyone twice as long to do things then why the change it? Sometimes I think it is just to say "we did something".

This is where I think modularization can be a handy thing. If you don't use something, why have it floating around. If you use something that nobody else does, then you should be the only one to have it. If you think of any application in general, how many pieces of that application do you actually use?
I am thinking about 20% and that is probably high. If you think I am wrong, pick an application and look at each menu option and think to yourself "have I ever clicked that button or do I click it daily?". To be efficient, you use what you need on a daily basis and disregard the rest. You build up a routine and become darn good at it. Every time you have to change what you have become efficient at, you have to start over until you get efficient at it again. If you keep changing continuously, you never have the chance to become efficient at it. Having been in IT for over 30 years I have seen many things come full circle to where it almost gets comical.

This reminds me of a class I once attended promoting the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread. The round-about was that some company started to follow this process and they were so advanced because of it. This made me think.. let's check this company out. Well it turns out that shortly after they put it into place their stocks dropped and never returned. A little bit of research goes a long way. Now they probably never expected that anyone would actually follow up on what they were saying but my first reaction was that if you are telling me that it made this company better, let's see if it actually did.
It obviously didn't.

So as you are coding, think to yourself...is this really an improvement for the masses?

Times are a changin'