Slow is the new black, red is the new...

I know I have ranted before on New and Not Improved... It now seems to be the norm.
I am also starting to wonder if anyone actually likes the latest theme craze of the most gaudy looking layouts known to mankind.

After postponing the gmail update (due to fact that I did not like the new gmail update) they have now enforced it... like it or not you are getting it. Welcome to the SAS world (I think the first S may be in the wrong order).
White, black and red, lavished by a colorful red on pink highlights makes me think that things are being designed by a one eyed, color blind chap in a dungeon and a box with only four crayons. It has to be the must visually unappealing update since windows 8 or maybe even Visual Studio 2015!
Get out the hot poker, your eyes are getting pwned!

It appears Android followed suite.. not so much in the design appeal but in the latency dept. It seems that rarely does an update make things better, only slower and more cumbersome. The latest update on my phone turned it into a sluggish, --twice as long to do anything-- masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Oh, btw.. what what rocket scientist came up with the fad of having text boxes that do not look like text boxes?
I think we are starting to see what they think of us... a drooling bunch of idiots with an IQ of a turnip.

Paint on artists.. your time is now.
..end rant..