What a day

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty bad day.
First off, I started adding additional steps to the pi-lite config for QCPM as I stepped through getting the service to work, only to be presented with another site DB failures. If you tried to hit the site yesterday it was probably down. I got to the point where I quit calling on it because it usually clears soon.

Next, I spent almost the entire day installing VS2017. Not sure why but a push of 2015 update 3 was failing. This meant that every time I would open VS it would shut down and say an update was running, close the app. After about 5 times of this I decided it was time to upate to 2017. This took pretty much the entire day. About a half hour before it was time to leave, 2017 was installed but the push was still shutting it down. I figure my only option is to uninstall 2015 so that it does not try to do the update but I was not going to start that right before I left for the day.. so I left early.

That being said, I am hoping today will be a better day.

Fingers crossed!