Trip to the candy store

So, today was a mix of getting things ready for winter and a trip to Micro Center.
An hour and a few hundred dollars later, I was able to stock up on pi stuff.
I picked up 5 pi zeros (with header). These are needed to make some prototype units for consistency and testing. The first being a pi zero version of the piACC console.
Due to its small footprint and lower power consumption, it may be more suited for a dash controller over the pi 3.
I also want to start on development of a very simple in-cab blue tooth controller for light/acc control only. 4 relay controller buttons and an all on/ all off button. This will be a very simple unit which will consist of only the lamps module from the console, hopefully mounted somewhere inconspicuous. It will not have all the bells and whistles of the full blown console.

I am also contemplating packaging each software component for sale. This would be a complete working component on micro SD. All you need is the hardware. It should be plug and play with little effort and will come complete with a fully imaged micro SD. All you would need are the components which are readily available online. Once you have the hardware components, you simply insert the SD card and power the unit and it should work.

Possible packages for sale in the near future

Console SD (piACCV3): Requires pi zero or pi 3, 7in TFT display unit and power cables. Keyboard/Mouse optional.
Simple Accessory Controller SD (piACCminV1):Requires pi zero, 3.5 in TFT display unit and cables
Relay SD (piACCbtctl): Requires pi zero (headless) and 4 channel relay hat.
More to come on that in the future, it is just in concept at this point.