Coding and more coding

So.. I have mostly been working on piACC.
The console is done, the mobile android app is done, the relay min is done, the console min is done.. pretty much all there is at this time.

Next up will be coming up with an enclosure for the 3.5 Touch display and pi zero. I improvised one from a pi zero case on thingiverse but not really liking the way it comes out so I started working on redesign. This will be a smaller, relay control only that should fit cleanly somewhere in the vehicle... a daunting task so far. The main problem is trying to get everything to lay out to fit including the cords. The cords are somewhat of a problem because they offer little flexibility other than sticking out of the unit. Even the 90 degree types take up a lot of real estate on the plug end. I will probably end up going with the 90 degree version. Though a little more expensive it allows cable output to the side of the unit instead of the bottom.

Work has been a training week in splunk. I was able to set up an enterprise server, import data both via a data export application I wrote and a direct SQL connection via DB Connect. Either seems suitable but would prefer not double stepping of exporting from SQL and importing into splunk.
Here is a shot of the min version I have been working on. Basically a relay panel and a tools panel for power down and reboot of both the controller and the console.