Me, get a Mac? Never..

The Story..

Well it turns out that contrary to my own opinion, I am now an Apple product owner. argh.
Only out of the necessity to code IOS mobile applications, I have broken down and purchased a Mac Air. argh again.
Now I know that many people swear by them and thin that they are the greatest thing since sliced bagels, but I was always of the mind set that I would never own one.

It was not that I did not like the little apple insignia adorned on the outside of the case, I thought it was cute. I also owned an iPhone which I dealt with once I learned how to use it. The iPhone's life was cut short with a trip to the blade side of the riding mower... good-bye my little friend. Since I was already coding for Android, I promptly replaced that iPhone with another android device and have had one ever since.

It has been on my mind for quite some time that I needed to learn how to code for IOS. I read up on it, signed up as a developer and then quickly realized that you actually needed an Apple product to be able to code for it. I thought I could get by with Xamarin, but it turns out you need to have a mac to use it. Rats. I was hoping that I would be able to get one from work to advance my coding knowledge but that was somewhat of a bust.

This weekend, the last few days left in my vacation I went Christmas Shopping. Since pretty much everyone else that I know has moved away, everything I get is either a check or will fit in a card. I did however need to pick up a few things for my mom who is still close by. This brought me to Best Buy. As I walked around the isles, I had it in the back of my head that I need to get some type of mac for programming. After a brief discussion with the clerk I found a nice little mac air with a copper colored exterior. I told the clerk that I would not pass up a better model based on the appearance of the unit, but I think I had talked myself into this little guy. There was a macbook pro that was probably a better option but I could not get my eyes off of that little macbook air. A quick comment from the clerk of "you are the one who has to look at it so you might as well get something you like" pretty much sold me... silly me...aa "Pack it up" I said.

There is a long history with me and Macs since my second job was at a newspaper. They were a mac and IBM shop and it was not until almost the end of my time there that they included Windows. They were the ones who got me into computer engineering so I worked on whatever needed worked on, mac's included. I despised the proprietary angle that Apple had ensued, so I totally became a Windows person. Long live MSoft... heh

Well, times be-a-changin' for sure. For the last six months or so, I have been mostly using Linux as my main computer, typing this story from a Raspberry Pi. I have found it challenging and somewhat of a flashback to the old days of msDOS, Perl, etc. Since that was where I started I did not have a real problem with getting accustomed to Linux. And hell, who can knock a working, functioning quad core computer for around 40 bucks! (Well, plus the monitor which I am using an already purchased 42 inch TV for that... thanks to HDMI) Now I am actually enjoying the challenge of the macbook. Who the hell designs a keyboard without a backspace key, was the first thing I thought. It will certainly take some time (just like the iPhone) to get used to simple navigation, but I have already downloaded xcode and swish and have begun developing my first app. That's right, an IOS version of the piACC controller.

Looks like there is a lot more LARNIN' in my not to distant future.

I also picked up a new book. So far though, most of what I have read, I already had already known.