Light Bar Plow Light

I found it interesting that there are really no compact light bar rigs for a plow lamp. The Problem: The light bar for my Jeep has 5 mounting brackets for overhead lights. I have successfully mounted and installed 4 lights, leaving the inside bracket for my plow lamp. Initially, plowing snow over the winter worked fine with the single jar style lamp/flasher which is mounted on an extension bracket due to it's size and shape. Come summer however, the jar style lamp is now in the way of the convertible top of the Jeep. To fix this issue, I turned the bracket so that the flasher is over the front of the light bar and it looks horrendous, but is functional. There is no such animal or product made that seems to resolve my problem. I have two on order that may help, but neither of them contain a center screw mount to attach it to the bracket and are really not a look I am happy with. The Solution: My next adventure will be to create one, but I want it simple. Possibly 6 LEDs center mounted with an amber cover. It will be much lower than the available ones and probably somewhat oval or square in shape. I will print the amber cover on my 3d printer using amber colored PET fillament which I already have. The base which will hold the LEDs and it will be 3D printed in PLA, PET or ABS black. It will also contain the center mount and wiring holders for the LEDs. I am opting for fast-flash all inclusive LEDs which already contain all of the electronics for flashing. This should keep things extremely simple and all I should need is to combine all of the 12v+ and negative wires into the wiring from the existing jar lamp, which I soldered directly into the unit circuit board. I will prototype using a 12v power supply and then test using a 12v car battery before installing it in the Jeep. I will document this as I go, provide links to parts, etc. I am currently waiting on delivery of the LED lamps and will begin design of the unit. The order contains amber, yellow and green LEDs, so I will see which looks best with the amber PET, which may end up a combination of colors or changing to a clear PET cover. My main concerns are both heat from direct sunlight as well as the ability to stand up to a car wash. I have yet to name it, so look for a new book or forum coming soon.