2019 Summer

Well summer is finally upon us again and with it comes a new list of things that need to be done. A happy 4th of July to all, hopefully you got a day off out of the deal. Currently at the top of my list is replacing the tires on my Jeep. Interestingly I tried to get the same tires from "my tire guy" only to be told that he could only track down one. I wanted to stay with the same tire because I liked the aggressive look of the tires that came with the Jeep. They are a mud-terrain tire which makes them better for off-road. I actually do not off-road with the Jeep but having the extra tread while plowing snow in the winter is not a bad thing. I also preferred replacing 4 tires over 5 to include the spare. I was able to order a set of four on TireRack.com and have received them within a couple of days. I was actually very happy with their online ordering and will probably use them in the future, especially if they have the tires I want. Now I just need to get them mounted and balanced which I will return to my "tire guy" and see what they charge, less the tire purchase of course.

Toy Clearance

Also at the top of the summer list is making some room by getting rid of some of the over sized toys sitting around taking up space. This includes my boat, camper and golf cart. I have found a few potential buyers which also means that I need to do some cleanup work. The boat will be sold "as is" since the squirrel (or tree rat as they are known) have pretty much gnawed up the interior. It was still functioning when I pulled it from the water but now visually looks like an apartment for squirrel crack heads. One of his rodent brethren, a mouse, has found it's way into the camper. Though he has not caused any damage, he (or she) has left a mess in the camper. I was able to catch it (or one of "it") in a trap but there is still a mess to clean. Not quite an all inclusive list but enough to get moving on. Once I have caught up on all of this necessary work I will start to post up more source code, first of which will be the rest of the code and instructions for the picup party pi. I am also debating on ordering a new pi 4 so that I can begin some preliminary testing of what seems to be a promising device. Who would not want more speed? :) With the addition of a faster unit the additional memory may make it more suitable for a video device.. which is what I will probably use it for. Though totally suitable for simple desktop functionality, the current Pi3's seem to be slightly lacking in horse power for good video fun. Let the fun begin.