Supporting Content

Normally when I watch videos that someone has created, I try to minimally up-vote or like their videos. My thought is that if they have taken the time to create something that we can all watch (basically to avoid the failing main stream media) than the least I can do is give them a thumbs up. While there are many very talented individuals who create content there are also others who do it simply for the fact of helping someone else out. This is why I attempt to create content which may be helpful for others myself. What I find interesting is that you can get close to a hundred hits on a video in a few hours or days of publication and still not get a single like or comment. Are people really so unimpressed with all of the free content that they cannot even bother to click a button to help the creator out? Chances are that the person who created the content minimally spent a few hours putting it together, is this alone not worth a quick "thumbs up" or "atta' boy"?

Support Content Creators

If you are consuming this free content being provided, whether for entertainment or information, please support the content creators. It means a great deal to them to know that there work has not been in vein and is somehow appreciated. I rarely take for granted that there are alternative sources for media and if we do not support them that option will slowly dwindle away to nothing. Since the de-monitization on YouTube for sites that do not have thousands of subscribers and large amount of viewership the little sites creating content are now basically doing it for nothing at all, possibly in the hopes of growing likes, subscribers and viewership, the lack of which is certainly has a negative effect on their effort. That being said, I hope that everyone starts being a little nicer to the "little guy" so that we continue to receive this blessing of individual content. That's all folks.