Bad Coffee

I knew I needed coffee but figured I had some old k-cups laying around that would suffice until I get up to the store. How wrong I was. I am by no stretch a java enthusiast but I do like a good full flavored coffee in the morn. Next time, to the store I go. First stop tonight when I get off work. It will not happen again. This similarly compares to the budget, low priced tablet I had purchased, just because it was under $75. I had bought it as a possible "drone" display unit and it failed miserably, which I pretty much expected. Pulling it out of it's brand new box for a second use I decided to use it for testing android apps. Again, though not failing miserably, it had little special nuances that made it a pain in the arse. Some API calls acted spuratically if not sometimes "not at all". Cut and paste was a challenge in itself. The little cut and paste word grabs were not even close to the text to be cut and paste, you had to guess. I am still trying to figure out how they did that? Possibly it is trying to use some other language to determine the word selection, I have no clue. Some apps acted as expected, so I will hold on to it for some simple Android testing. It just goes to show you, you DO get what you pay for and in most cases (not all), it is worth spending a few extra bucks to get something more reliable. (That is unless you happen to leave it sitting somewhere on your vacation and lose it altogether. I would have traded this POC unit in that situation for my lost Samsung tab in a heartbeat) G'day. abow