2108 Vacation

So, today begins the first day of my 2018 vacation.
Having the week off will not mean that I get a day off, it simply means that I will be doing more stuff on 247Coding.com.

As not to neglect the other 18 websites, YouTube (who will be kicking me out of the YouTube Partnership Program very soon) and a wrath of other projects, I will be working on those as well.
There is no rest for the IT wicked I suppose.

With the rollout of the Patreon site, I will need to concentrate on getting everything ready for the OvertimeEntertainment All Access Pass program.
This may become a daunting task, but hopefully it will be worth it.
Minimally, it will be a way to actually sign up people for access to some of the great content sites participating in it.

Well, back to work for me.

OvertimeEntertainment.com All Access Pass Participant!