In the works..

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These are a few of the things that we are currently working on.
1/03/2018- I have been concentrating mostly on piACC (Vehicle Accessory Controller). It has been fun to complete.
I have added a new button only version of the piACC which you can read about in the forums.
I am currently running it in my Jeep Willy. I try to work on it every day, so new features will come quite often until I am totally completed.
The most recent feature is the WWW tab. This includes a small web (iframe) browser for favorite sites like, QCPM and some other things I check on a daily basis. Since it is IFramed, it will not run sites that do not support it such as google, youtube, gmail... oh well, thars an app for that. :)

Drupal- I have been adding some specific code such as secret messages in articles/forums.

QuickCPM - Pretty much at a stand still since I have all of the source completed. My upload pi zero has died and I am pretty sure it is due to micro center micro SD 32g cards. Next trip to the store I will get some 32g sandisk which seems to be a much more stable micro SD.

8/5/2018- Much work in the pi and drupal forums