This forum will be used for AAP specific announcements so be sure to check back on occasion.

What does becoming an AAP patron get you?
Well for starters, you will see this cool and special members only banner tag on the website.
Secondly, you will be able to view special pre-release content. As content for the site is written, it is written under the patron panel. Once it is ready for prime time, it is then moved into the general code section of the page. This offers you a special pre-release view of what is to come. It is almost like a glimpse into the future!

This also gives you the ability to offer comments on content before anyone else and may even change the content itself once published. We truly appreciate feedback and this allows you to voice your opinion and help shape the website.
Silver members, will hold even more power!
Silver members will receive all the great features that the basic blue member has but with additional specific "silver member only" geared comments, additional details, contact and comments by the authors and special site privileges.
Silver members will also see this spiffy new silver banner tag letting them know they are part of an elite part of the 247Coding team:
Become a Patron!