GDPR - European Union Privacy

I recently recieved an email from Google regarding GDPR due to using analytics and adsense on some of our sites.
It turns out that this is taking up some steam and I first heard about it from required training at my full time job this week, so I would imagine it will require some additional digging.

GDPR is the new data protection law coming into force on May 25, 2018.
The GDPR affects European and non-European businesses using online advertising and measurement solutions when their sites and apps are accessed by users in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Finishing up

A new site with some humorous, though shockingly true, tales of failure in the food industry.
We enjoyed building this site but also had some problems with installing Joomla on GoDaddy.
This prompted yet another forum on Joomla topics.
As we step through additional fixes, setup, features and configs we will post them in this forum (if time permits).

The site is up and live so why not go over and give them a visit at

Is it bad??

Is it bad of me to use my cell phone to watch my security cams to watch my roomba clean my house? :)
I have decided to name my roomba's from TV character house cleaners:
Upstairs roomba - Alice
Downstairs Roomba - Mr. French
Kitchen Roomba - Benson

New AWS Forum

I have created a new AWS forum. I will try to use this to put up helpful information as I work through the AWS processes.


I believe I have quickCPM the way I want it. I have published in both the Raspberry Pi forums and a link in the downloads section. I will be using this in my home automation software package that I will display on random Pi's around the casa here. Site Issues

So it turns out after a call to support today that there was another account that was causing the database port problems.
They said that they have suspended the offending account so I am hoping this fixes the db issues.
Apologies for any inconvenience.
I was fairly certain that it was not from our sites because I went through all of the logs and could not find anything out of the norm.

I will keep my fingers crossed that things stay a bit more stable now.

Youtube Partnership

I have decided that I am going to keep the YT notice about losing monetization on my creator studio and will not close it until it goes away. It is a constant reminder of their generosity in cutting me off. :) The blue banner at the top is a reminder of the lack of concern and the drop on the estimated revenue graph is a reminder of the actual value of the partnership to me for my hard work on creating videos. :)

Working with AWS

Changing your methods of how you work after so many years is definitely a challenge. My latest learning curve is integration with AWS, Jenkins and Stash for git repos. I am currently working on a dev ops model for my existing code and the learning curve is tremendous. I was able to successfully get the builds working but now have to work on automating installation, config and testing. Due to current project workload I had to put it off for a few months but back into the swing again. I will hopefully be able to add some insite under my coding shortcuts book under the books section.

Site Issues

Well it appears there are some site issues and I apologies. It is affecting all of my sites that use mySQL and hopefully it clears soon. I do not believe it is my site per se but a problem with the godaddy mysql server. Going back to some of my comments about sharing resources, whether it be on the cloud, a virtual environment or a standalone server, one issue can affect everything. A perfect example. I have gone through most of my logs and do not see anything from my site that may be the culprit, so I can only assume that it is another

2108 Vacation

So, today begins the first day of my 2018 vacation.
Having the week off will not mean that I get a day off, it simply means that I will be doing more stuff on

As not to neglect the other 18 websites, YouTube (who will be kicking me out of the YouTube Partnership Program very soon) and a wrath of other projects, I will be working on those as well.
There is no rest for the IT wicked I suppose.


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