After much thought and some hesitation, I have decided that I am going to shut down I have enjoyed working on the site and I hope that some of you had some form of benefit from it. Thought it has been a lot of work, I have always enjoyed working on it. Like with the my you tube site I also appreciated any positive feedback I received. Take care everyone, hope to maybe see you in the future somewhere else. I will also be shutting down github and patreon at this point.


As you have probably noticed, I will be doing some site alterations. The next change you will probably see is the initialization of werd back into the site. This will in turn force a challenge before entering the site. As a test, I am turning werd back on to see if helps me to determine valid site usage. It has a tendency to mess with site upgrades, but since I cannot upgraded it is mute point. This is being done to help determine if I actually want to keep going after all these years.


Talk about some changes. I have begun the process of shutting down all of my domains. This means that links on 247coding may stop working. I have shut down my youtube channel so any videos which are linked on the site will no longer work. I am on the edge on continuing

Commensing Countdown

..engines on.. Check ignition and....

Changing Focus

Looks like it is time to change the focus of my attention. This unfortunately means that I will not be doing any coding, tutorials, videos or much blogging for that matter. Things do however come up unexpectedly which will land me facing in a totally new direction.


Well it sure took a while. Almost the end of January before our first real snow fall. This means that it was "up at 5am" this morning to go plowing. Living on the edge of the snow belt we usually don't get the worst but also means we normally don't get missed either. I don't plow for money, I basically plow to help out my mom and a friend of hers which are only a few minutes away, plus my own drive. It does appear that we got close to 8 or 9 inches which you can see by my overwatch pi-cam.

Good Intentions

In the grand scheme of things, putting some controls on privacy is good idea. Who really wants their personal data scattered across the internet-dom? Nobody really. Here's the rub Forcing sites to make visitors accept a privacy agreement using a popup is just a plain bad idea. Now I realize that there is no chance whatsoever that someone with bad intentions would borrow on this to circumvent one of the browsing commandments.. ."thou shalt not click on sh*!"... right?

2019 Closeout

As 2019 draws to a close, I cannot help but reflect back on all of the changes that happened in 2019 and changes in abundance at that. The incredible sunset above was taken the other night and it is hard to believe that it was over 60 degrees. 60 degrees?, on Christmas?..., in Ohio?. That is just not right.


247 Year In Review

Category: Fried


2019 and the holidays are upon us... again. I am chalking 2019 as the year of "$out > $in" and so many things have happened this year that it flew by in an instant. This week I have taken vacation. So what does a coder do on vacation? More coding. I usually try to take a week off prior to Christmas to get caught up, get what I need for the holidays and wrap up in preparation for the new year. So far I am on target.


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