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2019 and the holidays are upon us... again. I am chalking 2019 as the year of "$out > $in" and so many things have happened this year that it flew by in an instant. This week I have taken vacation. So what does a coder do on vacation? More coding. I usually try to take a week off prior to Christmas to get caught up, get what I need for the holidays and wrap up in preparation for the new year. So far I am on target.


Only years can bring true experience

This week I was looking over a question on a certification example. The first question brought me back mentally to a time when I used to configure network routing. I remember sitting in the Cisco training class vividly... almost like I was there again. I can even recall helping the instructor fix a problem with the router configuration before the class even began. Interfaces, route maps, masking and all of that fun stuff.

Bad Coffee

I knew I needed coffee but figured I had some old k-cups laying around that would suffice until I get up to the store. How wrong I was. I am by no stretch a java enthusiast but I do like a good full flavored coffee in the morn. Next time, to the store I go. First stop tonight when I get off work. It will not happen again. This similarly compares to the budget, low priced tablet I had purchased, just because it was under $75.

Limited Blogs

Working iT In the grand scheme of things, it was not that I did have much to say but I had much to do. Most of my spare time has been spent concentrating on building new apps. I was able to launch ezColors, ColorPass, TheSymptoms, Bugz and soon to be WorkerBee (tracks) which is a spin-off of TheSymptoms but more geared for a work environment.

Supporting Content

Normally when I watch videos that someone has created, I try to minimally up-vote or like their videos. My thought is that if they have taken the time to create something that we can all watch (basically to avoid the failing main stream media) than the least I can do is give them a thumbs up. While there are many very talented individuals who create content there are also others who do it simply for the fact of helping someone else out. This is why I attempt to create content which may be helpful for others myself.

Advertising Links

I am noticing that some of the Amazon links are not appearing as expected.
Hopefully they will be up soon because there are a lot of good products which have been researched here at 247Coding.com
I have updated a few of them with direct html links though they may be picture-less. Hopefully just an amahiccup. :) Sorry for any inconvenience, I know how much people love advertising!

2019 Summer

Well summer is finally upon us again and with it comes a new list of things that need to be done. A happy 4th of July to all, hopefully you got a day off out of the deal.


I have been trying to upload source code as mentioned in some of the articles. Currently in the works are picUp Party Pi and Locidoke. The php source for an example locidoke API has been added and I am gradually adding the source code for the picUp Party Pi functionality. Once the source has been included I will concentrate on complete instructions on usage and installation. Thank you for your patience. aBitOWhit

Affiliate Links-Thanks

Though it is a very minimal kickback I would like to thank everyone who has purchased an item using one of the provided affiliate links. The money is used to provide additional content as well as offer an incentive to keep doing this. Every penny provides a little boost of energy and while it certainly will not put food on the table, it keeps me from thinking that this is all simply a waist of time. If by chance you have any negative experiences using one of the links I would like to know about it.

Back to work!

Lately vacations have been the work around the house variety. This year was different. I traveled down to Florida to witness my daughter's wedding and it was incredible.


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