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My First Amazon Associate Earning

Just like that old dollar bill on the wall of your favorite restaurant, I have received my first commission on Amazon. I realize that it is slightly over a dollar, but I am hanging it on the blog wall anyway. To the person who bought the product, may you be blessed with good fortune! It is a hair short of the 1.5M that is my target goal, but a start none the less. It is also $1.42 more that YouTube has paid me since they have stopped monetization, so my hat goes off to Amazon.

Product Line

Creating artwork consumes a great deal of time and usually with little or no benefit.
I am hoping that offering some of it as merchandise will allow me to keep doing it as a sideline to my full time job.

Closed Captioning

So, another journey on the road to enlightenment! It turns out that to be able to post my new Blender Basics tutorials on Amazon, each video must also include closed captioning for our non-audio friends. Albeit for me to complain, it is well worth the effort, but it will however create a bit of a delay on the simple upload process.

New drone marking policy

The Perfect Gift

For Christmas, my boss surprised me again with an Amazon gift certificate... Awesome Boss!
To me, these are the perfect gift. I even noticed that as I browsed some Amazon products that it also noted "use your gift certificate" which I thought was excellent. How many times have you had a gift certificate, went somewhere and forgot to use it?
You can buy them at almost any store now, they are always the right size and it is something that nobody in their right mind would return.


Justin Z.
Here is a chroma version with green background as I mentioned.
I will post up another, but I removed the mirroring because it was washing out due to the green.
I will see if I can fix the mirroring, unless you prefer the non-mirrored surface version.
You should be able to right click and download move.
Size is around 2MB.
Resolution is 1920x1080
Chroma key as mentioned is 00ff00.
Respond to our YT thread for questions.

Coding on Saturday

It is one of those "where do I start" days.
You wake up and start doing things, but the more you look around, the more you think of more things that need done.
My first priority is going to be completion of piACC.


To 2018 I say:

3DP=End Of Me

So after numerous days of trying to get my 3D Printer back in order, I am still having problems.
It all started with a new spool of black filament.
The day before I was printing like a madman with only a few hiccups.
Change the spool and now nothing works as expected. Curled edges, bad lines, gaps in print.
Could a new spool really cause this much controversy?

Me, get a Mac? Never..

The Story..

Well it turns out that contrary to my own opinion, I am now an Apple product owner. argh.
Only out of the necessity to code IOS mobile applications, I have broken down and purchased a Mac Air. argh again.


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