Current Release: Version 9 (Rls Date: 2019May21) Download on Google PlayStore Locidoke is a simple geo tracker that uploads your location to a website URL/API. It does not send any information anywhere but the API URL you enter into it and does not transmit any data while it is not running. (i.e. in the background) Currently it does not store any tracking data either. It may however, in a future release, store your last location, but only as a reference if your current location returns 0,0 (meaning you do not have location tracking enabled). It can also be used to allow others to follow your progress during a trip or vacation if they know your API's file output. You are however required to have or build this back end web service. I am currently working on a simple source code in php that you can download from 247Coding.com if you would like a little help to create your own and may offer it up (for a minimal fee) if you would like to use 247Coding's API. As clearly stated and written in our Privacy Policy, we have no intention on collecting any data regarding individuals, including geo data, for our own use. The configuration screen allows you to set the upload URL (driver), download URL (watcher) and whether you want to start in driver mode or watcher mode. Upload URL allows you to set the upload URL to plot your lon/lat, just enter the URL with everything but the lat/long part of the string. This should look something like https://mywebsite/myapi?myapilocationparameter= or just https://mywebsite/myapi if you are sending the keys from key1 or key2 in the config. When locidoke runs, it will attempt to contact that URL and append the location string to the end of the URL. Based on a 30 second timer, it will upload your location where someone else can view it.

Mode Buttons

Modes operate exactly the same from the main screen with one exception. One is uploading data (Driver Mode) and the other is downloading data (Watcher Mode) You can change modes either by clicking on the button, or selecting the startup mode in config. Pressing the button will set the config so you do not have to also save it in the config if you switch modes from the main screen. Driver Mode While driving your data will be uploaded to the URL you have specified in the UP configuration section, appending lat,long and time,Key2 in a comma delimited string.
Watcher Mode Icon When you are in watcher mode, locidoke will connect to the download URL in config. The string returned from your API/URL should only contain a comma delimited string of latitude,longitude,time.,Key2. A great example of this would be to save the upload string set during the upload process to a text file on your web server. This will be a one line file with the lat,lon,time required by locidoke watcher.


Keys is where you set the API keys required for your connection and startup options for the application. The first key is your authentication key. This should be a delimited string with username and access key. The username will be used to build your watcher file url and the auth key will determine it is you when in driver mode. The authkey should be a randomly generated and complex key.


The Test Config allows you to fire off either a POST or GET and returns the results from your API. This can be used to test connections to your API and see what it is returning on success or failure.

Future Enhancements

  • Android Auto
  • Tablet - Currently works on tablet but not specifically included in the design
  • More fun stuff

API/URL Source Code

My initial testing was an API built on Drupal. I may make this module available, but only once it is more secure. Since the concept is simple, it should not take much to develop in other languages such as perl, c#, simple cgi, python, etc. I will make this code available here, possibly provide a 247Coding API for a monthly rate and post on GitHub. As of this point, source code is not available for the API, but feel free to experiment with your own. If you have created something and it is stable/secure I will entertain the thought of making it available here on 247Coding.com.