Pi 4 - Primetime


So after a few months of playing with the new pi-4, a few issues here and there, I decided I would make a spot for some of these... this is that spot. I am still trying to sell myself that linux could possibly replace my win desktop but to this point and a lot of command line work later, I am still not sold on the idea. Granted, the pi 4 is a great little "pack-o-smokes" size pc for basic things like browsing, videos and mail, beyond that it seems that many other things you try to add ends up in a lot of command line work and google searches on how to handle each little nuance. From a techie or lower level user this is probably fine, but for the typical mom n pops it would be a challenge. Many of the things work eventually but who really has this much extra time to spend on "non-functional" use of their machine. I suppose that offering "freedom of play" not only offers a wide variety of options it also provides quite a bit more leg work. 2019Oct28 - So the other day I had the file explorer just lock up. Browsing files, it simply shut down all by itself with no warning. Now in the beginning there were some odditities right off the bat. apt-get did not seem to work as it normally did. Running apt-get update today there seems to be a load of updates. Not sure why now, maybe I had not tried in a while. One being wittypi so I had to chuckle. 2019Oct27 - Eclipse. I attempted an install of eclipse (sudo apt-get eclipse) but this failed when trying to open it. After some research on config.ini settings, I was still unable to get it to load and uninstalled it.