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These are a few of the things that we are currently working on.

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New: Patron levels have all been established and patron specific content is being added daily!

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You will know if your AAP membership has been applied by an AAP tag at the top of the site.

New - Books

ACK: Follow Bo in our new fictional story being written...
  • piACC: A new graphical vehicle console for controlling accessories,OBD diagnostics. All written for the Raspberry Pi.

    See pi forums for links to GMCDataLogger on GitHub - Courtesy:Dibala
    2018Mar03 Update: New: QuickCPM Python Application
    Monitoring software has been built. QuickCPM will monitor and record CPM statistics from the GMC-320. 2018Jan27: Update. I have been working with some Raspberry Pi 3 today for home automation.
    Working on connecting to the GMC-320 geiger counter mentioned below. I have it working with the pi, but now need to code an interface to display readings on the home monitor.
    I have created a section under forums for Raspberry Pi and will place all of the details there.

    New bvhSet Application

    247Coding bvhSet windows application
    I have uploaded bvhSet, a new and free windows application you can use to append bvh files with animation descriptions. Registration

    Sorry, but due to continuous attempts to exploit the forum application I have determined that it is no longer worth the time to provide open user registrations.... my apologies.
    If you sincerely would like access, please send a request to abitowhit at and we can possibly work something out.
    I would also be open to requests via LinkedIn, just be sure to include a note so that I know it is not an auto-gen response.

    New Site -
    We have finished building a new site at It was a play on a site I had created long ago but with a different twist. Now I cannot say for sure that it works 100% of the time, but during the NBA playoffs, every play off game I would put in an entry for Golden State... Needless to say, the Cleveland Cavaliers won! If it can break a curse like the one on Cleveland, it must have some merit! Try it out for kicks...

    Adding WERD Cookie Expiration

    The default WERD aspx code sets a cookie which expires when the users session is over. This is normally when the user closes his browser connection. If you would like to add an expiration date so that once the user has passed the WERD challenge question, he is good for say a year from now it is very simple. In this example, I will add an option to the web.config that reads a value in the config section, checks to see if it is an integer and then adds that number of days to the cookie set for WERD.


    WerdASPX Files

    Werd - Are you for real?
    I have uploaded the werd ASPX files. I did not upload the solution file but you can simply create a new website in visual studio and then copy the files to the root of the project. Drag and drop should work into Visual Studio. I have also included the php code and wordpress zip example under the php snippet directory. NOTICE


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