In the works..

Pi Drupal QCPM Coding Blender

These are a few of the things that we are currently working on.
8/5/18- Much work in the pi and drupal forums

OE - All Access Pass has become a partner in the All Access Pass program.

SSL Support

We have updated the site to support SSL. Please be sure to use instead of if you want your connections to be secure.

New - Books

New books section..

New - Blogs

I have added a new blog section.
It will include things that we are working on as well as some personal ramblings.
You can get to blog from the top menu bar.

YouTube Alternatives

So, YouTube and its infinite wisdom is shutting down sites lacking mainstream media viewer numbers.
This will however be better for me because instead of concentrating on their standards, I will make my own.
I will spend more time on my own sites instead of promoting theirs into stardom.

This is simply a rant, but a rant none the less.
I will continue to make self help vids and either put them up on my sites or find an alternative.

Have a nice day.

See pi forums for links to GMCDataLogger on GitHub - Courtesy:Dibala
2018Mar03 Update: New: QuickCPM Python Application
Monitoring software has been built. QuickCPM will monitor and record CPM statistics from the GMC-320. 2018Jan27: Update. I have been working with some Raspberry Pi 3 today for home automation.
Working on connecting to the GMC-320 geiger counter mentioned below. I have it working with the pi, but now need to code an interface to display readings on the home monitor.
I have created a section under forums for Raspberry Pi and will place all of the details there.

New bvhSet Application

247Coding bvhSet windows application
I have uploaded bvhSet, a new and free windows application you can use to append bvh files with animation descriptions. Registration

Sorry, but due to continuous attempts to exploit the forum application I have determined that it is no longer worth the time to provide open user registrations.... my apologies.
If you sincerely would like access, please send a request to abitowhit at and we can possibly work something out.
I would also be open to requests via LinkedIn, just be sure to include a note so that I know it is not an auto-gen response.


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