See pi forums for links to GMCDataLogger on GitHub - Courtesy:Dibala
2018Mar03 Update: New: QuickCPM Python Application
Monitoring software has been built. QuickCPM will monitor and record CPM statistics from the GMC-320. 2018Jan27: Update. I have been working with some Raspberry Pi 3 today for home automation.
Working on connecting to the GMC-320 geiger counter mentioned below. I have it working with the pi, but now need to code an interface to display readings on the home monitor.
I have created a section under forums for Raspberry Pi and will place all of the details there.
--- We have been working on the new site. I received my first Geiger counter today and have been working this weekend on working up the code for the mapping software. I have created a web service which will be used to take in submissions from geigers all over the world which will then be placed on the map under the Radiation selection. Much more to do but check back to see how things are progressing.