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Download Version 1.1 QuickCPM GMC-320 CPM Reader-Logger
QuickCPM is a small Python app that I am testing on the Raspberry Pi 3. It should also work on a Pi zero which is what I will use when ready.

Overview: A very small python app that reads CPM data from your GMC-320 Geiger Counter.
Will possibly work on other models as long as the AT command sets are the same.
It requires the Serial library and you will need to test it on your Python version.
You may also have to adjust for your serial port baud rate, tty port, etc.
These can be set on line 11 of the script by changing the values in the serial call:

You can read more about the functionality on the CPM Forum
Download Version 1.0 CrypLib V1.0 Library for encrypting strings and files
CrypLib can be used to encrypt and decrypt configuration settings on the fly.
Some uses: Eliminate plain text strings in config files, store database data in an encrypted fashion, save file data encrypted and more.
YouTube Tutorial
Download Version 1.0 bvhSet V1.0 bvh File Rename Utility
Use bvhSet Windows application to rename your bvh files so that they include the animation description. Includes initial mocap descriptions file text. You can also paste in the one that comes with your bvh zip file.
Free Utility, source code is available on GitHub Source Code
YouTube bvhSet video
Download Werd V1.0 aspx files Download Werd Drupal Module Files WERD V1.0 Werd is a free easy to use bbs or forum front end, similar to captcha. Make your guests select from a list of valid and non-valid text files for entrance.
Add it to your entire site, or only on your sign up page, it is up to you.
Werd Overview YouTube Video
Drupal YouTube Video
WordPress YouTube Video
phpBBS YouTube Video
Download Version 1.0 GetSet ClassBuilderV1.0 aspx website 3/26/2016 - IIS App Pool: dot net version 4.5
Complete zipped ASPX website which utilizes the GetSet class builder library.
Contains everything you need to utilize the class builder library from a website, including the library itself.
To Use:
Simply download the archive file and save to a directory. Copy or ftp files to server and then point IIS to the directory on your web server. Make sure the app pool for the site is running dot net version 4.x. You will also need to change the default sql/mysql connection strings to something valid of your own, these are test settings only. *Authentication to your application or site is recommended.
GitHub Source Code: https://github.com/abitowhit/GetSet
3/6/2016 -GetSet Class Builder Libraries GetSet Overview: C# dll and website which instantly builds c# class and properties from a web page referencing the library. Pass simple variables to create an instant object class, directly pulled from *msSQL and *MySQL database tables. Simply paste the code into *Visual Studio.
Class Builder YouTube Video
Library: WhitClsBldr.dll Build 16.3a, c#, .Net4.5
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