Final vacation for the year.
Time to make plans... Snorkeling in the Bahamas? Skiing in the Swiss Alps? a visit to the Grand Canyon? ..nope.
Write more code?... yep.

This final week of vacation of the year I need to wrap up piACC.
I have the current version/components working as expected in my vehicle and it is all working as expected.

(cue the sad music)
However, It is a bloated console version....

Coding and more coding

So.. I have mostly been working on piACC.
The console is done, the mobile android app is done, the relay min is done, the console min is done.. pretty much all there is at this time.

Fairwell Friend..


2004 - 2018
There are only a handful of things in your lifetime that you can say that have truly touch your heart.
You, my friend, were one of them.
You will be missed!

Trip to the candy store

So, today was a mix of getting things ready for winter and a trip to Micro Center.
An hour and a few hundred dollars later, I was able to stock up on pi stuff.
I picked up 5 pi zeros (with header). These are needed to make some prototype units for consistency and testing. The first being a pi zero version of the piACC console.

What a day

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty bad day.
First off, I started adding additional steps to the pi-lite config for QCPM as I stepped through getting the service to work, only to be presented with another site DB failures. If you tried to hit the site yesterday it was probably down. I got to the point where I quit calling on it because it usually clears soon.

Fub Duck

So... Fub Duck showed up yesterday.
For me, there have only been rare occasions when a pre-release has not gone off as planned and had to be cancelled. Actually, now that I think about it, never. Maybe I am slipping... Arg
  • Fub 1: Prod DB Connection issues due to TLS. Arg
  • Fub 2: A missing component update somehow got excluded. Arg.

Woohoo piACC working

This calls for a new drawing.. I was able to get the headless pi zero working with the relays.
This will allow me to hopefully set up the piACC console without having to run wires into the cab!


Wonder if a handful of IP ranges registering in the top 10 that are registered to MIT means that you are being targeted by MIT or MIT is interested in something. Since it appears to be only on the root page I am thinking they are probably not complimentary visits.
Calls for a new meeting quick sketch post..

Patron Content

I have been working on getting additional patron content updated in both ACK and the forums.
It is somewhat daunting to add so much additional code but I think it is worth it.

Where has summer gone?

Wow, it is already mid-August .. where has the summer gone?

It has been in the low 90's here so much of the outdoor activities have been limited. I was able to cut down a few tree stumps this long holiday weekend but the heat limited how long I could work. It is interesting how the older you get the less you can stand the heat.


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