Pulling Adsense Advertisements

So I believe today I have decided that I will be pulling adsense ads from all of my 18 websites.
Before youtube pulled monetization I was maybe getting $20/month in some add revenue. Not much but at least it was something.
Now that they have pulled monetization I make absolutely nothing. I did set up adsense ads, but they have yet to earn a nickel.
Possibly I am doing something wrong but I see no reason to allow them to profit from my sites.

Chances are, the sites do not create a high enough volumn of traffic, so why even allow them to promote businesses.

Worth the effort?

So I have been thinking through this and as my first real vacation starts I am starting to wonder if it is worth the time.
The list is long and time is short and the next thing you know it, vacation will be over.
To manage so many websites is just a wealth of my time and with no real profit from doing it it is questionable on whether or not it is worth continuing.

I have been reviewing youtube analytics and the top hits are on the golf cart videos, so should I just concentrate on more of those?

New comic category on called FunnyBones

As time permits, I will be uploading some (hopefully) humourous comices up to
Here is a first example of many more to come.
There is so many things that come to mind.
Funny Bones Category

Here we go again..

The drama unfolds..

Last week in April

The weekend flew by this week.
I was able to get a new forum section created for Blender.
Many of the videos that I do involve Blender for the simple reason that it can be confusing to use, but it is also an extremely versitile tool.
I cannot give enough credit to everyone involved with that application because it is extremely useful.

IT diddles

Sometimes you just have to diddle.

April Showers

There are times when you can get coder burnout.
So many lines of code, so little time. Snow in April doesn't help to uplift the spirits any, it seems like winter just wants to hang around this year!

Go Daddy Latency

So I have determined that working on any forum on godaddy is like walking through mud.
With big rubber boots.
You know the kind that constantly slide up and down and pull your socks off?
You know the kind that create a suction that continuously wants to pull the boot off?
Every step you hear the suction building up and your socks slide down.
It brings me back to the day of using the java based remote terminal to manage a server.
Click and wait, click and wait. You dreaded even opening the tool but it was a necessity if


Well, started working on the forums in drupal.
Not sure what it is with godaddy, but their servers or db or something is seriously lacking. seems to run much better now and a big thanks for that, but configuration of drupal on is horrific.
Almost comically, tonight at dinner there was a GD commercial on how you can have a site set up in 30 minutes... heh.

QuickCPM Update

I have added upload capability to QuickCPM
This allows you to automatically upload both the QCPMbar.html and QCPMgauge.html files to a web server. (example in qcpm link)
Note that the index.html is now named QCPMBar.html!
I have included an iframe example in the link above which is running from my basement Pi.
Nothing fancy, it is simply doing ftp via ftplib which comes with Raspian.
It is also not secure so you will probably want to use something like SSH or sftp, this was just an experiment.


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