Is it bad??

Is it bad of me to use my cell phone to watch my security cams to watch my roomba clean my house? :)
I have decided to name my roomba's from TV character house cleaners:
Upstairs roomba - Alice
Downstairs Roomba - Mr. French
Kitchen Roomba - Benson

New AWS Forum

I have created a new AWS forum. I will try to use this to put up helpful information as I work through the AWS processes.


I believe I have quickCPM the way I want it. I have published in both the Raspberry Pi forums and a link in the downloads section. I will be using this in my home automation software package that I will display on random Pi's around the casa here. Site Issues

So it turns out after a call to support today that there was another account that was causing the database port problems.
They said that they have suspended the offending account so I am hoping this fixes the db issues.
Apologies for any inconvenience.
I was fairly certain that it was not from our sites because I went through all of the logs and could not find anything out of the norm.

I will keep my fingers crossed that things stay a bit more stable now.

Youtube Partnership

I have decided that I am going to keep the YT notice about losing monetization on my creator studio and will not close it until it goes away. It is a constant reminder of their generosity in cutting me off. :) The blue banner at the top is a reminder of the lack of concern and the drop on the estimated revenue graph is a reminder of the actual value of the partnership to me for my hard work on creating videos. :)

Working with AWS

Changing your methods of how you work after so many years is definitely a challenge. My latest learning curve is integration with AWS, Jenkins and Stash for git repos. I am currently working on a dev ops model for my existing code and the learning curve is tremendous. I was able to successfully get the builds working but now have to work on automating installation, config and testing. Due to current project workload I had to put it off for a few months but back into the swing again. I will hopefully be able to add some insite under my coding shortcuts book under the books section.

Site Issues

Well it appears there are some site issues and I apologies. It is affecting all of my sites that use mySQL and hopefully it clears soon. I do not believe it is my site per se but a problem with the godaddy mysql server. Going back to some of my comments about sharing resources, whether it be on the cloud, a virtual environment or a standalone server, one issue can affect everything. A perfect example. I have gone through most of my logs and do not see anything from my site that may be the culprit, so I can only assume that it is another

2108 Vacation

So, today begins the first day of my 2018 vacation.
Having the week off will not mean that I get a day off, it simply means that I will be doing more stuff on

As not to neglect the other 18 websites, YouTube (who will be kicking me out of the YouTube Partnership Program very soon) and a wrath of other projects, I will be working on those as well.
There is no rest for the IT wicked I suppose.


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