Color pass is a new android application created by coding team. Release: ColorPassV2 Release Date: 2019Sep13 Download PlayStore: V2 Available Update: V2 fixes color indexing issues. Stable Release.


The concept is actually quite simple. Instead of remembering passwords you remember color combinations. green,green,red,blue created using sliders within the application. Using the ColorPass application direct linking to colors created within the application. The password string created will be based on the hexadecimal equivalent of the colors you choose. You can use as many color combinations as you like (or to the limit of your password requester)

Secret Key

Adding a secret key to your colorpass combination can add an additional level of security as well as provide an additional method for satisfying password complexity rules.

Why Colors?

Computer colors, such as in a web page, are created using a simple Red,Green,Blue color combination. This is based on a scale from 0-255 for red, green and blue. These can be referred to as RGB colors and is based off of the base 10 numeric system. These colors are then converted to hexadecimal which is a base 16 numeric scale to create a 6 digit numeric (#c0a1f1) value. You can imagine that this provides quite a range of possible combinations. (255x255x255) for each of the three colors. Multiply this times the number of colors you have selected in your series (e.g blue,blue,red,orange) and that number increases exponentially. Even if someone were able to get your selected color "codes", they still would not know the order or number of colors selected used to create your pass code. Adding a custom key to this, even if it is extremely simple, again increases that level of complexity. Read On