Application: EZColors Hex-RGB Release: V3.0 Release Date: 2019Sep2 Google Playstore URL: Install EZColor is a new Android application.

Hex/RGB Translator

Simply slide the three color bars on the application (Red/Green/Blue) and the #Hex and RGB values will be displayed in the app. As you slide the color bars, icons and labels within the app will change to match the colors. The bottom of the screen will show the color on both a light (milk) and darker (toast) background.

Using Favorites

At the top of the screen there is a list button for favorites. If you click on the list button you can select a color. Once you have selected the color, the "Save Color" button will appear. Dial in the values using the sliders to get the color you want and click the "Save (your color)" button. This will save the color and will be available the next time you select the color. After selecting the color from the list, if it has a value, the value will appear on the new button. Click the button and all of the sliders and colors will change to match that saved value.


Sorry, but currently I could not get the app to work with clipboard button but I am looking into it. The latest version (v3.0) however I have switched from a label to a text box so you can click and hold and then select copy to clipboard. This will allow you to copy the color values.