Using POST

POST Using POST methods is the most secure way to use Locidoke. This means that the up and down URLs do not include any actual data, just the URL to your API. If you are using a secure SSL connection (i.e. https://myapi) then this data is encrypted during transmission. SSL using POST is the recommended way to use Locidoke so that all of your data is encrypted. Four parameters will be passed in the connection. 1. lat=yourlatitude 2. lon=yourlongitude 3 *key1=yourkey1 4 *key2=yourkey2 * key1 and key2 parameter names and values are what you put in the key1, key2 configuration entries. This could be something like mysecretkey=123098456 to pass to your web api or status=Stopped for lunch. There are currently no restrictions on the api keys or values but on your api side you should check and restrict incoming values to avoid invalid characters being sent.
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