The Full Monty


QuickCPM has been running on a standalone desktop version of Raspberry Pi.
The next steps will be to create a full Home Automation Unit Suite on a pi zero.
The concept is that it will run as a standalone home monitoring station which will include QuickCPM as one of the components.
It can also be used to control nest and wemo devices.
I may look at one of the existing home automation suites.
The Unit
The unit will require a display screen with a selectable menu.
I invision it to have a 3" or 5" scrolling touch display with a selectable menu.

Unit Status
I will need to create a monitoring application to check and validate each of the processes are running.
For the QuickCPM side of the unit, I will need to create methods to provide a better job of monitoring itself so it can heal on any issues.
I will also need to create some routines for cleanup of the log files. This will include compressing the logs for offsite storage.
The log files should be extended to not just real time gauges but history.

I already have a pi zero which I can use for the prototype.
I also have a 7" display I can use but need to purchase a smaller display.

QuickCPM - Radiation Monitoring
WEMO - Control existing: 4 WEMO switches,2 WEMO light switches
Nest - Nest thermostat and CO2 monitor.

Sounds like a lot of work.
I'd better get started.