3D Printing with 2 colors

Creating your own 3D products can be very satisfying.
If you can create something personalized and useful it is even better.
This video will walk you through each step, from start to finish, to create your own "glow in the dark" address markers for your house.
If your 3d printer has multiple extruders, such as the PowerSpec Ultra 3d, you can print both colors at the same time, layering the glow in the dark face layer on top of the opaque color layer below. There are many ways on a single extruder printer that you can stop the print and switch out the spool by putting a stop element into the g code if you only have a single extruder but this does not cover that method.
This concept is quite simple actually.
This method requires a printer that has more than one extruder so that you can print one color right after the other.
You load the printer with the two colors you want to use and then stack the models on top of each other.
You are basically stacking two meshes so that they slice together and combine into a single print, bonded together just as if it was the same color.
I have found that approximately a 1mm gap between the two layers works quite well.