Monthly Statistics


I have recently created a new script.
This script will process all of the log files for the current month.
Run daily via chron, it will continually compile the statistics for the month and output the data to an html file.
HTML file is then uploaded via ftp to the place where you have your quickCPM html files.
I then added an iframe reference in my to display the stats on the page with the gauges.
I set it for 50vh but you can make the height whatever you want by changing the style of the iframe.
Below is an example pic of the page.
Source code has not been updated but will try to get it up soon.
Stas data includes the max cpm for the month, the average cpm for the month trailed by some counter stats used for the average math.

You can edit crontab by typing:
crontab -e
The crontab is:

0 * * * * /home/pi/bin/
0 * * * * /home/pi/bin/

This will upload each every hour.
I created a shell cmd to run each and set it to chmod -x
The is simply
and is

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I will probably include a loop to do yearly stats of all months.