A few snippets of CSS.
CSS can be quite usefull to add a different look and feel to your site.
Leveraging things like bootstrap, css3 you can auto handle clients like tablets, big screen tvs and the standard PC.
Remember, it is the "Internet Of Things" now. (marketing, no doubt)
IOT is... the internet.. just more of it.
CSS can however be your friend. You can adjust the look of things by using classes (not to be confused with coding classes).

Classes can be very helpful. You can create them on demand or by adding a script tag at the root of your website.
This is why you usually have some type of header, masterpage, frame page, etc.
It will load first, insuring that all of your styles load first as well. Once it is loaded you can easily reference these style objects.
The script tag will looksomething like this:

Your html reference to the tag will look something like this:
<span class="style1">
This will make your text appear red on a silver background.
You can include multiple style classes by simply placing a space between them.
class="style1 style2"

Overriding classes:
You can easily override a class element by setting it directly in the html element, but it has to be after the class statement.
This is done by simply adding a style statement "after" the class reference.
class="style1" style="color:green"
Now the color will be green instead of red.
This comes in handy when you want everything in the class except the one style element.

All for now... when I get a chance I will go over things like w3 and bootstrap styling