Relay Tests


Because I can hear the relays actually click, I was fairly certain that it was working.
I am however glad I checked on the bench prior to installation.
Since I was only testing with a 1.5v battery there is really no need for images because you can barely see the LED glow, but glow it did., It turns out that the schematics I found for the relay did not have the correct pin outs for the relay... or I really do not understand the difference between normally open, normally closed and common. :)
The schem called for 1-common, 2-normally open and 3-normally closed.
This would lead me to believe that you would connect the 12v source to common and the lead from +12v to pin 3... yet nothing.
I had to break out the old ohm meter and as it turns out the actual schem is 3 is common, 2 is normally open and 1 is normally closed.
--- 12v
--- lamp 12v
--- open
So when relay is off, 1 &3 are closed.
When relay is energized, 1 & 2 are closed.
Another case solved. I would have probably been really po'd if I had to find that out on the jeep.
So an ascii version of the schem will be:
1 open
2 lamp 12v outer lamps
3 accessory 12v
4 open
5 lamp 12v inner lamps
6 accessory 12v
7 open
8 lamp 12v plow
9 accessory 12v
10 open
11 extra 12v (maybe reverse flash lights or ground effects)
12 accessory 12v

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