piACC Dev - light bar prep.


Ran into a problem with the console unit.
The buttons did not want to function but it was an easy fix.
I simply zipped up the dev version directory, now piACCv2 and uploaded it to the console.
I deleted the console directory, unzipped the dev version and back in business.
Relay testing went as planned with all buttons functioning.

That being said, I believe this will be the process.
All work will be done on the dev pi, compressed and then uploaded to the console without any changes to the files on the console pi.
I have been working on some shell activity to launch from the console but will probably put that on hold for now.

Before tackling the light bar wiring, I really want to coat the inside of the light bar.
This has been something that has been bothering me since I put it on.
Though the outside of the light bar seems to be a solid black coating there is not rust proofing on the inside.
Foolish in my opinion since you get some rust streaking down the jeep even though the wiring holes are plugged.

You would think for the cost they would have done a dip so that both the inside and outside were coated. Nothing is going to last if the inside of the light bar tube is bare metal. I had also thought about taking it in and having it sprayed to match the rhino color of the jeep but actually do like the black and think I will regret it if I do.

I was thinking of buying a quart of black rustoleum, masking all of the wiring holes, dump the paint into the pipe and roll it around to coat the inside.
Then simply dump out the remaining paint. This would hopefully prep the inside some and prevent some of the rust.
The light bar I used was from RuggedRidge if interested:
Of course this means that I have to remove the light bar.. yuk. and winter is quickly approaching.

I also need to 3D Print the relay case and have yet to start design. I can work off of an existing 3d printed slider case I used for quickCPM, but will need to make way for the additional wiring, relay board, etc. so it will need to be a few inches deeper.